Primer For New Trainees In Diagnostic Radiology


This page is dedicated to serving as a primer for trainees that are new to the field of diagnostic radiology (DR). The content on this page can be found throughout the diagnostic radiology section of this website, however it is also organized here for the sake of convenience. While this page aims to serve as a good primer there are other established resources for DR that complement the content of


This subsection helps to cover information that is relevant to reading CT scans. Sub sections are included below for reference:

  • How to window studies properlya very critical component of reading CT scans is windowing the study appropriately so that relevant anatomy is clearly visualized.

This subsection tries to organize resources that can be useful to trainees who are new to radiology call.

  • Guide to gadolinium shifts (gad shifts): gad shifts are a popular way for radiology trainees to moonlight. While often times the shifts themselves are uneventful, this guide provides information that helps orient one to the responsibilities that they may have on a shift.