The Mission of Stepwards


The goal of this site is to provide an alternative to the medical education resources that currently exist. While many great prep materials for the Step exams, medical school, and the wards exist, we felt that none truly integrated the content in such a matter that made it easy to prepare for all three at once. Whats more, many of the tools students currently rely on are disorganized, unpolished, and hard to refer back to after completing the Step exam or one’s preclinical years.

Our goal is to provide a free, centralized, polished, and well organized resource that medical students will benefit from using (regardless of where they are in their medical education). Furthermore, while we recognize that we can’t necessarily gather ALL of the information one needs on this website, we do promise to do our best to make sure EVERYTHING that you do read on Stepwards has value (be it for school, the Step, or practicing clinical medicine).


One of the largest shortcomings of current Step prep materials is that they do not leverage the official USMLE content outline released by the test makers. To help address this issue, all of the topics covered on Stewards are organized according to this exact content outline. This way all of the material added to this section will be relevant to the exams (and no extraneous information will be covered).