Diagnostic Radiology


This page has been created to organize material that is relevant to the field of diagnostic radiology. There are many ways to organize the information that one needs to learn the information needed to learn for radiology. These are all outlined below, however as a general introduction please read this primer for new trainees in diagnostic radiology.

Topic Sections:

  • Primer For New Trainees In Diagnostic Radiology: This page is designed to help orient new radiology trainees to the field of diagnostic radiology.
  • A Guide To Radiological Studies: this section organizes radiological studies by imaging modality. The fundamentals of each imaging modality is covered here, as well as how to approach each individual study that may be ordered.
  • Archive Of Unremarkable Radiological Studies: this section provides a much needed resource in radiology, an archive of various radiology studies that have no remarkable findings. It is very hard to understand what is “abnormal” if there is no reference point!
  • Radiological Anatomy: this section helps to characterize how various anatomical structures will look across different imagine studies.
  • Condition Specific Radiology: this section organizes radiological findings by specific diseases/conditions. The visual appearance of each disease/condition will be contextualized across imaging modalities.
  • Fundamental Radiological Findings: this section organizes content by the fundamental “units” of radiology: radiological findings. Clicking on each finding on this page will reveal a more detailed page on the findings, as well as a section that outlines the differential diagnosis for said finding.
  • Diagnostic Radiology Report Templates: this section provides templates that can be used as a starting point on how to prepare reads of various diagnostic studies.
  • Diagnostic Radiology Procedures: this section outlines different procedures that may be performed by diagnostic radiologists.
  • Protocoling Imaging Studies: this section will cover how to properly protocol various imaging studies.