GENERAL INTERN GUIDE: How To Prepare For Your Next Rotation


Its a situation as old as time itself. You are preparing for either your next (or your first) rotation and need to look ahead and anticipate what pieces of information will be useful to you when you begin on service. Interns of all programs will have to do this, and they go through it pretty much every few weeks/every month. There are some core pieces of information that will universally be beneficial to all types of interns BEFORE they begin their next rotation.

While challenging, it is important to look to the horizon and anticipate the information that will be relevant to you when you begin your next clinical rotation (image source).

This page is dedicated to discussing some of the fundamental information that would be helpful to seek out before starting your next rotation. Please keep in mind that these are suggestions that apply to many rotation but also may sometimes not be relevant or appropriate in certain circumstances.

Please also keep in mind that these suggestions are IDEAL, sometimes you may simply not have the time to prepare and look up all of this information before you begin on your next rotation. 


Given that their is quite a bit of knowledge that you will (ideally) learn before you switch services, they have been organized into the following pages below (by topic). They have been listed by relative level of importance.

  1. Finding your service in the chart/electronic medical record (EMR): first things are first, you need to actually find your patient list and orient yourself with the patients you will be taking care of.
  2. How to discharge patients on this service: this may seem odd to include as the second point to consider however


Page Updated: 06.17.2019