Step 1 Study Topics: Collagen Synthesis


This page is dedicated to compiling Step 1 study notes for the topic of collagen synthesis. This page is likely disorganized as it was made in haste.


Here are the general steps of collagen synthesis:

  1. Signal sequence directs growing polypeptide chain into the ER
  2. Signal sequence is cleaved
  3. Hydroxylation of selected proline and lysine residues occurs. This is vitamin C dependent
  4. Glycosylation of selected hyroxylysine resides 
  5. Assembly of pro-alpha chains in a pro collagen triple helix (still intracellularly in the ER)
  6. Pro collagen transferred to golgi apparatus: secreted in to extracellular matrix (outside the cell at this point)
  7. Terminal propetitides cleaved by N and C pro collage peptidases 
  8. Collagen molecules spontaneously assemble 
  9. Covalent cross links are formed by lysol oxidase. 



Page Updated: 04.28.2017