Organs Of The Body: Duodenum


This page is dedicated to organizing relevant information about the duodenum.


First Part:

  • Emerges from the pylorus of the stomach 
  • Horizontally oriented over the first lumbar vertebra
  • Only part that is not retroperitoneal 

Second Part:

  • Courses inferiorly from the level of L1 to L3
  • Close in relation to the head of the pancreas
  • Contains the ampulla of Vater (site where pancreatic and common bile duct recreations are released)

Third Part:

  • Courses horizontally over L3, the abdominal aorta, and the inferior vena cava. 
  • Close association with the unite process of the pancreas, superior mesenteric artery, superior mesenteric vein 
  • Malignancies in this region can compress the superior mesenteric vessels (SMA syndrome) 

Fourth Part:

  • Courses superiorly and to the left of the L2 and l3 vertebrae. 
  • Becomes the jejunum pas the ligament of Treitz. 
Page Updated: 04.26.2017