Medical Problems: Palpable Breast Mass


This page is designed to organize content that is relevant to the topic of a palpable breast mass (can also be referred to as a palpable breast lump). This term is used often in medicine, and it is important that we become as familiar as possible with it.

A breast mass (often referred as a breast “lump” by patients) is a common chief complaint (source)

Before going any farther, let us make sure we clearly define the “medical problem”. A palpable breast mass is a self descriptive condition that can be felt by either the patient or a provider. Ideally a physician and patient should both be able to confirm the presence of a palpable breast mass.

While the topic of a breast mass narrows our clinical focus, it still is still a very broad topic. To more intentionally work up a patient with the complaint of a palpable breast mass/breast lump we must further categorize this medical problem into smaller units. Sex and age are useful means by breaking down this chief complaint into more meaningful subcategories.

Breast masses in females:

Breast masses in males:

Page Updated: 01.04.2016