Archive Of Standardized Exam Questions: Mumps


This page is dedicated to organizing various examples of standardized exam questions whose answer is mumps. While this may seem a odd practice, it is useful to see multiple examples of how mumps will be characterized on standardized exams (namely the boards and the shelf exams). This page is not meant to be used as a tradition question bank (as all of the answers will be the same), however seeing the classic “test” characterization for a disease is quite valuable.


Question # 1

A 7 year old boy is brought to the pediatrician became of 2 days of fever and facial swelling. The patient explains that he initially had a left earache, and then developed pain in the right and left checks with overlying swelling. His past medical history is remarkable for 1 episode of acute otitis media this past year. The child’s immunizations are behind schedule, and he is only caught up to a 3 year old’s schedule. He recently was in Costa Rica before he became symptomatic. The child is in second grade, and denies any sick contacts at school. Today in clinic his temperature is 100.7°F and his other vital signs are within normal limits. A physical exam shows bilateral swelling and tenderness across/beneath the mandibles. His tympanic membranes are flat, gray, and mobile to insufflation. The rest of the physical exam is non-contributory. What diagnosis might explain this patient’s presentation?


Page Updated: 11.24.2016