Archive Of Standardized Exam Questions: Cyclothymic Disorder


This page is dedicated to organizing various examples of standardized exam questions whose answer is cyclothymic disorder. While this may seem a odd practice, it is useful to see multiple examples of how cyclothymic disorder will be characterized on standardized exams (namely the boards and the shelf exams). This page is not meant to be used as a tradition question bank (as all of the answers will be the same), however seeing the classic “test” characterization for a disease is quite valuable.


Question # 1

A 29 year old woman has been feeling down for the past 2 weeks. She feels fatigued and has had trouble concentrating. She states that 6 weeks ago she had been feeling very good, with an excess of energy and she felt as if she had no need for sleep. She says that this pattern has been occurring for at least the past 3 years, although the episodes have never been so severe that she couldn’t function at work. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis?


Page Updated: 09.14.2016