Discharging Patients


Unorganized notes

  • Where are they going – SNF, LTAC, home, etc
  • Any d/c needs?
  • MDR, case manager social worker
  • You should know who is being discharged on each day
  • Lap chole – uncomplicated. Has family, a ride, a home etc. POD3. Pain. Narcotic scripts need to be signed by R3 electronically and then on the paper script.
  • Instructions – get the smartphrases.
  • 1 week f/u for wounds, staples, drains
  • F/u TBD by NP/coordinator
  • DC summary – quick HPI about why they were there. Helpful for PCP or if they are readmitted
  • Do it in this order: scripts, f/u, d/c instructions, d/c summary
  • Discharge order too



Page Updated: 06.18.2018