Archive Of Standardized Exam Questions: Atopic Dermatitis


This page is dedicated to organizing various examples of standardized exam questions whose answer is atopic dermatitis. While this may seem a odd practice, it is useful to see multiple examples of how atopic dermatitis will be characterized on standardized exams (namely the boards and the shelf exams). This page is not meant to be used as a tradition question bank (as all of the answers will be the same), however seeing the classic “test” characterization for a disease is quite valuable.


Question # 1

A 7 year old girl is brought to the clinic because she has a scaly and “very itchy” rash on the anteriginnus areas of her elbows and knees. This rash worsens in the spring and the fall, and often co-presents with episodes of respiratory distress and wheezing. What diagnosis can explain this presentation?


Page Updated: 11.19.2016