Hypothalamic Nuclei


Ventromedial: mediates satiety. If it is destroyed it leads to hyperphagia 

Lateral: mediates hunger. If it is destroyed it leads to anorexia 

Anterior: Mediates heat dissipation: if destroyed it leads to hyperthermia 

Posterior: Mediates heat conservation: its destruction leads to hypothermia 

Arcuate: secretion of dopamine (inhibits prolactin), growth hormone releasing hormone, and gonadotropin releasing hormone 

Paraventricular: ADH, corticotropin-releasing hormone, oxytocin, thyrotropin-releasing hormone secretion 

Supraoptic: secretion of ADH and oxytocin 

Suprachiasmatic: circadian rhythm regulation and pineal gland function (think jet lag). 


Page Updated: 04.04.2017